Fuori Salone Wilson & Morris 2018 - Color as the protagonist of Wellness

When: from Tuesday 17 April to Friday 20 April 2018

Hours: from 10 to 19

Where: Studio Pisk - Via Galeazzo Alessi 1, 20123 Milan

Evening cocktail: from 6 to 7 pm

Art, color, creativity, in support of the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

A new concept that the Italian brand Wilson & Morris offers a preview at Fuori Salone through the new 2018 palette together with Nicola Baccaglini, artist / designer specialized in the study of color codes aimed at achieving the Home Wellness Project within the environments.

Design marries color through an innovative language, an interpretation of the use of color that leads to new emotions. Colors become words in the dialogue between people and spaces for growth and self-understanding.

The goal is to encourage and stimulate the creativity that everyone has inside to trigger change and then find their balance.

The Wilson & Morris Home Wellness project, together with Nicola Baccaglini, wants to achieve this goal through a new way of designing that identifies color as an essential decorative element for the definition of environments able to transfer wellbeing and emotions.

With this event, the reality of Wilson & Morris decorative paints testifies once again the centrality of color in interior design.

Fuori Salone Wilson & Morris 2018 - Color as the protagonist of Wellness