Origin and evolution of Wilson & Morris

The Prati family entered the world of color in 1969 in Forlì, producing first varnishes for the building industry and then moving towards the world of decorative paintings.

As in the greatest success stories, everything starts in a garage with a single machine, an artisanal kneader still preserved today. The small laboratory workshop has evolved over the years to become an internationally recognized business reality.

In 2010 the son and daughter Maurizio Prati and Raffaella Prati with the collaboration of Enrica Cicognani, who holds the role of sales manager and marketing, decide to invest in a new project of refined high-end decorative paints: Wilson & Morris. Thus it was born from a consolidated knowledge and competence of the sector, as well as from an innate passion for color, the one that is today a growing and unique Italian reality. The long experience of the Prati family represents a strength and a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Wilson & Morris is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon world of interior decorations, hence the name of the brand in English, with a color palette that is always up-to-date and trendy. Wilson & Morris can be described as a color atelier, where new shades are created that define styles and express modern living. The company is aimed both at the private, attentive to fashion trends and interior design trends, and the professionals always looking for a high quality decorative product.

In 2017 Wilson & Morris launches its new identity with an expansion of color charts and a strategy aimed at increasing its visibility in Italy and abroad.

In 2018 the company presents a new line of colors dedicated to the "Wellness House" and the training courses LABacademy Wilson & Morris. A project that bears the signature of the artist and interior designer Nicola Baccaglini joined by Maurizio Prati, creative director of the brand.

Wilson & Morris employs a team of specialized professionals to ensure optimal service and an exclusive product that meets high quality standards.