Inspiration  n. 13

Inspiration n. 13

The new 2018 Wilson & Morris line includes a series of natural and pastel shades such as the 2049 Peach code. A painted wall of this shade can transfer heat to the environment emphasizing the furniture, preferably to be chosen in a minimal and modern style to create an harmonic chromatic suggestion. Delicate and refined is a color that does not go unnoticed. It can also be applied in small spaces such as an entrance that could be completely transformed by the anonymous with the right lighting and coordinated furnishings.

The study of this color is based on a research carried out by the artist Nicola Baccaglini who for the company has created a color palette designed for well-being in the rooms.

What can seem a shade in the eyes is actually assimilated by our body in another way. Hence the importance of choosing the right color, and aware of the importance it can have for our psycho-physical wellbeing. The new Peach 2049 integrates with the Le Pitture line and is available in different finishes (Emulsion Matt, Emulsion Eggshell and Osmos).

Used product: Home Wellness

Finishing: Emulsion Matt

Color: 2049-Peach