Inspiration  n. 14

Inspiration n. 14

Green is a color linked to nature, a symbol of rebirth, balance and harmony. In the world of interior design, green shades are often used for domestic convivial environments or in receptive spaces for their calming power that allows people to relax.

Wilson & Morris embracing the philosophy of color linked to wellness for this new season expands the range of greens, introducing two new shades: the more decisive 2052 Military Green code and the 2051 Greenish code with lighter and more delicate nuances.

Both paintings are part of the Benessere Casa project, studied together with the color coder Nicola Baccaglini, who tells their genesis and the purpose of use in both residential and contract environments. "The colors that I find in nature are the best resource and source of inspiration to give well-being within my project. The green in its innumerable shades often balances the structural loading of the color weight. From a cognitive point of view, the contrast between the more decisive green military and the softer greenish creates a combination and a game of depth that projects the contact with nature into the imaginary. It's like a return to the origins. "

Used product: Home Wellness

Finishing: Emulsion Matt

Color: 2052-Military-Green