Inspiration  n. 15

Inspiration n. 15

Our new Amaranth 2036 is a color that is inspired, from the name itself, to the amaranth plant that has beautiful flowers of a unique chromatic intensity. Dark red reflections predominate in nature,

while the Amaranth 2036 paint by Wilson & Morris has shades that vary more on pink with a strong saturation of the color that makes it covering from the first applications.

The chromatic fluidity and the aesthetic harmony that is obtained by spreading Amaranth 2036 on the surfaces completely transforms the spaces.

This new shade is the result of a study signed in collaboration with the expert Nicola Baccaglini: Casa Wellness Project, a palette created to transfer people through the use of color in psycho-physical wellbeing environments.

Used product: Home Wellness

Finishing: Emulsion Matt

Color: 2036-Amaranto