WILSON&MORRIS technical partner at the exhibition "MARZIO TAMER, PAINTER BY NATURE"

WILSON & MORRIS is one of the technical partners of the exhibition MARZIO TAMER, PAINTER by NATURE open to the public from October 5, 2017 to January 7, 2018 in the frame of the Museum of Natural History in Milan. A staff dedicated to Marzio Tamer with 62 masterpieces from 31 private collections. Works represent nature, a theme much loved by the artist, in a new way and at the same time respecting the truth of what is interpreted.

The bond to the natural world and the use of color, as a form of expression and a means of transferring emotions, brings art closer to decoration. Different perspectives of color rotate around the world of  WILSON & MORRIS, an Italian company of decorative paints based in Forlì founded in 2010 after a long tradition in the field started in 1969. A evolving story that today represents a unique proposition of its kind , an innovative response to ever-changing trends in the world of interior design and decoration, with inspiration to the world of English paintings, from which the Anglo-Saxon brand name. The brand philosophy is based on the concept of emotional color power, intended as an element that can animate, transform and personalize them. Painting is thus interpreted as an object complement and not as a simple building material.

The WILSON & MORRIS collection consists of three product lines: LE PITTURE  with enamels and water-based solutions in various variants, LE CALCINE seasoned lime based, acrylic reinforced and colored with earth and natural oxides, and PETRA a continuous cement coating for walls and floors , usable in internal spaces. Each line has a large color folder that allows you to customize the surfaces by choosing from a variety of shades and opaque, velvety, semi-opaque, or material effects.

For the exhibition, Emulsion Matt Le Pitture has been provided: a water-based, opaque, velvety, touch, high-quality paint, suitable for decorating walls and interior ceilings.

WILSON & MORRIS is a brand that goes beyond the patterns of the paintings in search of stylistic and functional perfection for a high quality, safe and reliable product.

A thank you to the Salamon Gallery, Federica Galli Foundation and the City of Milan.

WILSON&MORRIS technical partner at the exhibition "MARZIO TAMER, PAINTER BY NATURE"